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Kleos IT @ Home - Short English Company Overview

Klεos offers technology training, consulting and maintainance services (with a focus on Apple systems) especially for technologically challenged Germans in the Heidelberg (Rhein-Neckar-Delta) region.


We have two value propositions:


  • peace of mind when it comes to all your personal technology (PC/TV/Stereo/Mobile Phone, etc.) ; we make sure that "all that shit just works" and
  • we enable you to enjoy your technology ~> we train you to make full use of the opportunities technology offers you. Thereby we focus on applications that increase your life quality (e.g. teach you how to use Skype to have free video-conference calls with your children and g rand-children, learn to use internet banking instead of waiting on counters, etc.).


If you are wondering that   Klεos actually means you can read this fragment of an academic article about Klεos Mac wrote some time ago.


All services are delivered either in the comfort of your home [, or soon in our training Kaffee LernBar]. We cooperate with our local Apple reseller. He hands out promotion coupons for 50% off the first our and we funnel our clients back to him for new purchases. In this first hour we will deliver the machine to the clients house, set it up and have a first chat about what s/he wants to get out of the mashine and show what might be interesting applications/uses. 


We will start in the Heidelberg region which has a really good demographic (plus all founders have a really good social network there).


In the first year we plan to really hone our business model and codify our practices and business architecture (training materials, knowledge base, ERP, etc). In the long run we consider a franchise and/or a cooperative scaling format.


Yes we do offer most of our services in english - please contact  Max.Senges@kleosonline.de to coordinate!


We are always interested to team up and collaborate! Please come to our knowledge base or contact us directly.


If you know about effective IT training materials and services pleas tell us!